Weta Hotel and signs and have a nice summer :D

i 7th January, 2017
Signs for Weta hotels
Weta signs

Kia Ora

Its a great summer! Wet enough for our planted plants and the bush, but enough sunny days to provide warmth and nice clear days.

While we have been fairly laid back over the holidays, the bush have been busy. Full of bird chicks, setting fruit and of course weeds and pests always on the move.

The little kereru squab, fledged on Dec 13. The pair have been seen on several occasions around the bushy parts of the peninsula, including display flying today at Scorching Bay.

In our own native backyard, silvereye chick have fledged, but that does not stop the parents to build a new nest, as we have seen them collect coconut fibre from our hanging epiphytic baskets. Copper skinks can be seen on many occasions and our black tree ferns are growing faster then ever.


We have now gotten 6 new signs from The Big Picture to go with our build Weta hotels, so keep an eye out for these when you are walking around a bushy track or a green walkway around the peninsula. Have a look and see if anything cool have moved in :D

The Big Picture team are awesome and friendsly does an awesome job and have done great work for us before. Thank you To Weta Digital too for making this possible!

Enjoy those nice sunny days people.