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Lily of the valley vine

Scientific name: Salpichroa origanifolia
Other names: Cock’s eggs, pampas lily of the valley
Vine or creeper Read more.

African Club Moss

Scientific name: Selaginella kraussiana
Other names: Selaginella
Grass or similar

What does African Club Moss look like?

African Club Moss (Selaginela kraussiana) is tricky to spot because it looks like many native moss… Read more.


African feather grass

Scientific name: Cenchrus macrourus
Other names: Pennisetum macrourum, bedding grass, veld grass, giant veld grass
Grass or similar Read more.


Scientific name: Agapanthus praecox
Other names: Common agamanthus, Blue lilly, Africa lily, Lily of the Nile
Vine or creeper

What does Agapanthus look like?

Agapanthus is a fleshy evergreen plant has strap like leaves that form dense clumps up to 60cm. It has a… Read more.


Aluminium plant

Scientific name: Lamium galeobdolon
Other names: yellow archangel, Artillery Plant
Shrub Read more.


Scientific name: Lobularia maritima
Other plant

What does Alyssum look like?

Alyssum are often found in gardens because they are low maintenance and hardy plants. They grow to 8-10 cm tall… Read more.


Artillery plant

Scientific name: Lamium galeobdolon
Other names: aluminium plant, yellow archangel, Lamium maculatum, Lamiastrum galeobdolon
Vine or creeper, other plant Read more.

Arum lily

Scientific name: Zantedeschia aethiopica
Other names: Death lily

What does Arum Lily look like?

Arum Lily is a dark green shrub that grows up to 1.5 m with new tubers arising… Read more.



Scientific name: Pseudosasa japonica
Grass or similar Read more.

Banana passion fruit

Scientific name: Passiflora ‘Tacsonia’ subgroup
Other names: Banana passion flower, wild blue-crown, wild passion vine. Both spp virtually identical in appearance and characteristics.
Vine or creeper Read more.


Scientific name: Berberis glaucocarpa
Tree, shrub Read more.


Scientific name: Laurus nobilis
Tree, shrub Read more.

Bear’s Breeches

Scientific name: Acanthus mollis
Other names: Oyster plant, bear’s foot plant, sea holly
Shrub Read more.


Scientific name: Rubus fruticosus agg.
Other names: bramble, Rubus laciniatus, cut-leaved blackberry, many Rubus synonyms
Shrub, vine or creeper Read more.


Scientific name: Chrysanthemoides monilifera
Other names: saltbush, bitou bush (subspecies rotundata), Higgins curse, Osteospermum monilifera
Shrub Read more.


Scientific name: Lycium ferocissimum
Shrub Read more.


Scientific name: Buddleja davidii
Other names: butterfly bush, summer lilac
Shrub Read more.

Californian Poppy

Scientific name: Eschscholzia californica
Shrub Read more.


Scientific name: Canna indica
Other names: Indian shot
Shrub Read more.

Cape Honey Flower

Scientific name: Melianthus major
Other names: false castor oil plant, castor oil plant (misnamed)

What does Cape Honey Flower look like?

You can't miss the Cape Honey Flower when it's growing in your yard. This smelly shrub grows up to 2+… Read more.