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Getting started with native plants? Or perhaps you know a little but aren't sure what will suit your garden habitat? We're here to make choosing local plant species easier.

We recommend you filter the list below to find what will best suit your garden. Also take a look at our fruit/nectar calendar and lizards page for plants that feed local wildlife naturally.

NOTE: we are still writing up plant information, come back in a few weeks if the plant you are interested isn't here or look for it at the NZPCN site.

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Scientific name: Olearia paniculata
Other names: Golden ake ake
Tree, shrub Pioneer

An excellent small tree or shrub, akiraho is a costal tree daisy useful for shelter or nursery.
Leaves are thin and with an upper…


Scientific name: Astelia fragrans, A. solandri
Maori name: Kakaha, kowharawhara
Other names: Bush lily, Bush flax, Tree bush lily, Perching lily
Grass or similar, other plant

Astelia is a flax-lookalike. It prefers good drainage and to be kept a bit dry. Often found in forested areas of the forest floor or in the…


Black maire

Scientific name: Nestegis cunninghamii

A once common species, the handsome black maire should to be more widely grown as it makes an excellent specimen or street tree and once…


Bog rush

Scientific name: Schoenus pauciflorus
Other names: Sedge tussock
Grass or similar Pioneer

 A Rush-like sedge growing up to a 1 m tall with rather variable coloration and stature, ranging from stout dark purple red individuals to bright…



Scientific name: Griselinia littoralis, G. lucida
Maori name: G. littoralis – Kapuka, papauma, G. lucida – Puka, akapuka
Tree, shrub

Probably one of our most planted natives. There are two species of the broadleaf griselinia in New Zealand. Easily recognised by its large, glossy evergreen leaves…

Bush lawyer

Scientific name: Rubus australis, R. cissoides
Maori name: Tataramoa
English name: Bush lawyer, swamp lawyer
Vine or creeper Pioneer

A vigorous and prickly vine, so strong that it could possibly hold the large moa, which the maori name tataramoa literally means. Long narrow toothed,…

Cabbage tree

Scientific name: Cordyline australis
Maori name: Ti kouka
Tree Pioneer

Early European explorers of New Zealand described "jungles of cabbage trees" along the banks of streams and rivers, in huge swamps and lowland valleys.Probably our…


Carex secta

Scientific name: Carex secta
Maori name: Purei, Pukio
English name: Makura grass
Other names: Mata, matata, makura, maru; tamatea
Grass or similar Pioneer

A large beautiful tussuck forming sedge. Older individuals located in moist to wet soils, often form thick trunk-like bases up to a 1 metre tall…

Clematis foetida

Scientific name: Clematis foetida
English name: Clematis
Vine or creeper Pioneer


Climbing rata

Scientific name: Metrosideros fulgens
Maori name: Aka, Akakura, Akatawhiwhi, Pua-tawhiwhi
Other names: Scarlet rata vine
Vine or creeper

Climbing plants such as the noble climbing rata creates a forest feeling. A scrambling and clinging habit with adult forming a small shrub. When flowering…


Coastal kowhai

Scientific name: Sophora chathamica
Maori name: kowhai


Coastal tree dasiy

Scientific name: Olearia solandri
Other names: Coastal shrub daisy, Scented coastal tree daisy
Tree, shrub Pioneer

Perfect for a coastal garden! Named after the Swedish naturalist Daniel Carlsson Solander and an apostle of Carl Linnaeus. A shrub or small tree with…



Scientific name: Collospermum hastatum
Maori name: Kahakaha
English name: Tank lily
Other names: Widowmaker, perching lily
Other plant Pioneer

The largest and most magnificent of our native epiphytic plants. Often seen on large trees, but can also grow on the ground, fallen trunks, rocks and…


Cook Strait kowhai

Scientific name: Sophora molloyi
Maori name: kowhai
English name: Cook Strait Kowhai
Other names: Molloy’s Kowhai
Shrub Pioneer

With its current conservation status, At Risk - Naturally Uncommon, the Cook Strait Kowhai is only found around cook strait and its islands. Small, wide…


Coprosma crassifolia

Scientific name: Coprosma crassifolia
English name: Thick leaved coprosma
Shrub Pioneer

An excellent coastal plant providing a tough shelter and great for dry, rocky and expsoed locations. Providing good food for native birds and lizards, as well…

Coprosma grandifolia

Scientific name: Coprosma grandifolia
Maori name: Kanono
English name: Large leaved Coprosma
Other names: Raurekau
Tree, shrub

Easily recognized by its very large, broad laves hence the name scientific name C grandiflora. Usually regarded as a small tree up to 6 meters…


Coprosma rhamnoides

Scientific name: Coprosma rhamnoides
Maori name: Mingimingi
English name: Twiggy coprosma
Other names: Red fruited karamu
Shrub Pioneer

A small attractive dense tightly divaricating shrub with gorgeous ruby red looking fruit. Growing up to 1,5 metre with stiff reddish-brown barked branches and with very…


Crown Fern

Scientific name: Blechnum discolor
Maori name: Piupiu
Other names: Petipeti


Scientific name: Anaphalioides trinervis
Maori name: Puatea
Other plant

This litlle cute species in the daisy family is often found along streams and waterfalls. It is fastgrowing groundcover but requires a mosit soil. During…

Dianella nigra

Scientific name: Dianella nigra
Maori name: Turutu
English name: NZ blueberry
Other names: inkberry, forest flax
Grass or similar, other plant Pioneer

Bright iridescent blue berries in summer, this small evergreen flax like plant works well in most situations and is especially attractive planted naturally in groups. Ideal for…