Neighbourly help

Miramar neighbourhood
Share your enthusiasm with your neighbours

Word of mouth is the key to raising awareness and encouraging action. By joining forces we can truly transform the Miramar Peninsula.

By simply sharing your enthusiasm with your neighbours, demonstrating and sharing plants, swapping seeds or lending a hand you can help to make a significant, long-lasting transformation to the spaces around you, as well as reap the rewards of seeing more wildlife in your own garden and increasing your property’s value.

Greening your street

Beyond our gardens, green corridors pass alongside roads and walkways. Wellington council runs a plant nursery where you can apply for suitable native plants for your street and we run occasional volunteer days, planting and eco-sourcing.

If you want to make your street greener and link up bush, you can apply for free eco-sourced plants from WCC between January and March to plant on road reserves and reserves next to private property. You will be responsible for the planting and the ongoing care, but WCC (and we) are happy to help with any further information on how and what to plant etc. If weeds are present they need to be removed first as they will otherwise smoother the planted natives. Common and aggressive weeds on the Miramar peninsula include old man’s beard, banana passionfruit, morning glory, climbing asparagus and cape ivy. More examples available in our weed finder. If weeds are present in reserves let WCC (or us) know. If these weeds appear on your land please call Greater Wellington Regional Council or give us a contact and we can pass it on for advice how to remove them.

Invite us over

Do you need someone to point out the invasive weeds and the good natives present in your garden, or recommend a native species that are missing? We can help. Invite us over for a chat and we can offer advice. Its all free! Get in touch via our contact page. We give talks to community, business groups and schools.

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