Planting Season 2017

i 13th March, 2017
Re potting seedlings
Happy Volunteers re-potting seedlings

That´s right! We are just starting to prepare for this seasons plantings and thsi year will be a very exciting season with a few new species reintroduced and moving into some new areas too. We have just re-potted some of our seedlings with some being large enough to plant out by the end of the season. We had a group of keen volunteers repotting for 3 hours, mostly the kereru favourite tawa, but also some locally sourced Kohekohe from our remnant peninsula trees, Coprosma grandiflora and heaps of pigeonwood.

Seedlings where looking great and have taken off even better in the new pots and soil. A big thank to Sophie, Mark, Kent, Jacob, Ben, Fred, Helen and Danielle. Great job guys.

We also picked up or plant order from the Forest & Bird with some real good looking plants and a bunch of new species that we are really excited with working on, reintroducing or boosting very rare numbers.

Astelia solandri
Bush ricegrass
Metrosideros fulgens
Sophora chatamica
Sophora molloyi
Streblus banksii
Streblus heterophyllus

Specially excited to have milktree back in numbers as well as Rimu. Very hard to get hold on. We are hoping to have them all planted by latest beginning on may when our big plant order from WCC will arrive.

Stay tuned and may the forest be with you…