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Scientific name: Muehlenbeckia complexa
English name: Wire vine, Wire weed
Other names: Small-leaved pohuehue, scrub pohuehue

Pioneer Vine or creeper - native to the Wellington Region
Suits: dry, partial shade, sunny, shelter, exposure, coastal forest garden, coastal and dune garden, small garden or balcony, wetlands and water features

About Pohuehue

One of the best and most attractive coastal groundcover that grows into a tangled mass of brown wiry stems covered with small round leaves and small cream flowers. It´s forming of masses of tangled, tough, wiry stems supports a wide range wildlife, as both food, shelter and protection. It sometimes climbs over bushes, rocks and poles. It can also be trained as a climber on wire and fences, making ideal for hedging and covering walls.

Small cream flowers appear in late spring and is later followed by a star shaped, flshy fruit that contains a black seed in the middle of.

Provides for birds

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Provides for lizards

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