Jane Goodall planting a kohekohe
Dr. Jane Goodall planting a kohekohe Credit

Dr. Jane Goodall visiting Te Motu Kairangi-Miramar ecological restoration

i 25th May, 2019

We had the honour and privilege to have Dr. Jane Goodall visiting Te Motu Kairangi-Miramar ecological restoration. Her lifelong work with restoration and conservation is a huge inspiration to us, and we were lucky enough to show her some of the work we have done here over the last 9 years. Together with some of our amazing and hard working volunteers, students from Worser bay school and from Janes own Roots and Shoots program, we walked part of the track,…

Kereru feeding on nikau
Kereru feeding on nikau

Time to catch up.

i 8th July, 2018

So lots have happened since last time we added something here. Actually a year ago, when we added our last post about the Garden Bird Survey. Today is the last day of the 2018 Survey and we have had some reports of some interesting counts. Both kereru and falcon, lots of silvereyes and of course sparrows, starlings, blackbirds etc. Let shope the numbers of native birds increase now that predator free Miramar has gone full underway with all the backyard…

Silvereye birds
Silveryes cuddeling

Garden bird survey 2017

i 24th June, 2017

Kia Ora. Hope you all are keeping dry in this wet and cold weather. The winter have otherwise been quite nice, with sunny days and clear skies! We have managed to plant half of our plant deliverys so far, but still one delivery from WCC to arrive in a few weeks. Birds are as we all know super important indicators of the health our natural habitat, and to help discover and learn more about backyard avi-fauna, we ask you to…