Alyssum (Lobularia maritima)

Scientific name: Lobularia maritima

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About Alyssum

What does Alyssum look like?

Alyssum are often found in gardens because they are low maintenance and hardy plants. They grow to 8-10 cm tall and produce clusters of tiny flowers. The blooms come in pink, salmon, purple, white and yellow and give off a lovely fragrance. The Latin name "maritima" derives from the Latin word mare, "sea", referring to its tendancy to grow on the sea shore, making the Miramar peninsula an ideal place to plant them.

How does it spread?

The pretty flowers and enticing scent of the Alyssum makes it a popular garden plant. Once planted, they tend to spread to a wide area, quickly squeezing out other plants and flora. They can also grow between rocks and crevices, making them difficult to extract.

How do I get rid of it?

Pull the plant up from its roots and dispose of the plant at the green section of your local landfill. You can also burn or bury it deep underground. Check back every 3 months to prevent regrowth.

What should I plant instead?

Try planting Cudweed (Anaphalioides trinervis)