Native plants

Single crepe fern

Scientific name: Leptopteris hymenophylloides
Maori name: heruheru

Fern - native to the Wellington Region
Suits: damp, shade, partial shade, shelter, coastal forest garden, wetlands and water features

About Single crepe fern

A small native fern found though out the country.  Often encountered under forest canopy, especially on damp banks and along streams, and occasionally on forested ridge lines. Its foliage is translucent resembling filmy ferns and its fronds may reach 35- to 150cm in length. Older specimens can have a trunk up to 50cm high.

Difficult to create the correct growing conditions for this fern in the garden situation, and better for fernery. But in a damp shaded, free draining but moist, humus enriched soil, easily grown. Once established this species is remarkably tolerant of drought and high light conditions.

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