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Native passionfruit

Scientific name: Passiflora tetrandra
Maori name: Kohia
Other names: NZ passionflower, NZ passionfruit

Vine or creeper - native to the Wellington Region
Suits: damp, shade, partial shade, sunny, shelter, coastal forest garden, small garden or balcony, wetlands and water features

About Native passionfruit

Climbing plants such as native passionfruit can create a forest feeling and add flowers and scent too. Our native passion fruit kohia is one of our native climbing species which should be more extensively used in gardens; not only for their beauty, but for the many uses they provide. The fragrant yellow flowers in summertime are followed by ballonlike orange, golden or red fruits, which are a favoured food for birds like tui and silvereye. Kohia is a very vigorous growing up to 10 metre plant in its natural forest with whiny leaved steams and tendrils for climbing. Several plants are needed to ensure that both sexes are available as male and female flowers occur on separate plants if fruit is to appear.

Provides for birds

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