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An attractive coastal tree for many situations
Mahoe violet berries Old hollow and intertwining trunk

Scientific name: Melicytus ramiflorus
English name: Whiteywood
Other names: Hinahina

Pioneer Tree (under 10m) - native to the Wellington Region
Suits: damp, dry, partial shade, sunny, shelter, exposure, coastal forest garden, coastal and dune garden

About Mahoe

Mahoe is an attractive tree growing up to 10 metres high with a wide sometimes intertwined and hollow trunk. Also often also seen with exposed roots. This tree does well in coastal forest situations. The large bright or sometimes dark green leaves have serrated edges. Flowers are small with a slight greenish-yellow coloration in early summer are scented. The flowers are insect pollinated and later turns into beautiful violet or dark violet berries. When ripe berries are eaten by a large number of native birds, including Kereru. They are also eaten by geckos. The softness of the wood makes it prone to insect attacks and creating useful holes for nesting birds and weta. Sometimes years foligae is fully stripped by the caterpilar of the beautiful green mahoe moth, also known as mahoe stripper. This however does not any real damage to the tree.

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