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Scientific name: Leucopogon fasciculatus
Maori name: Mingimingi
English name: tall mingimingi

Pioneer Tree, shrub (under 10m) - native to the Wellington Region
Suits: dry, partial shade, sunny, shelter, exposure, coastal forest garden

About Leucopogon

A sometimes tall shrub up to 5 metre, however often musch shorter. With small softe neddle light green leaves. The juvenile leaves are larger than the adults, up to 4cm long. Its branches is rather wiry and not stiff as one might excpet. The trunk has flaky dark brown bark that peels off in thin strips, similar to manuka which is sometimes can be mistaken for. Flowers in small clusters and are small and greenish white in coloration. These are later followed by small red, but sometimes pink or white berries spring to autumn. Often found in mixed of podocarps rimu and miro.

Prefers dry, well drained sites and does not thrive in heavy shade.

Provides for lizards

  • Complexity and height

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