Native plants

Jointed wire rush

Scientific name: Apodasmia similis
Maori name: Oioi
Other names: Wire rush

Pioneer Grass or similar - native to the Wellington Region
Suits: damp, dry, partial shade, sunny, exposure, coastal and dune garden, small garden or balcony, wetlands and water features

About Jointed wire rush

A popular reed with a fine grey-green leaves with a distinctive beautiful orange-brown tinge to the vegetation, forming a large densely erect clump often widly planted in tub and traffic island cities. Has a lovely fluid look and moves gracefully in the wind in great effects when mass planted. Also suitable to growing in containers.
Growing to a metre tall and is slow spreading by creeping rhizomes. Very hardy and telerates a wide range of condtions, but often found in coastal marshlands, ponds and estuaries.
It flowers from October to December and bears fruit from December to March. Plants are dioecious, which means the male and female flowers do not both occur on one plant.

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