Native plants

Hard tussock

Scientific name: Festuca novae-zelandiae
Other names: Fescue tussock. tawny tussock

Grass or similar - native to the Wellington Region
Suits: dry, partial shade, sunny, exposure, coastal forest garden, coastal and dune garden, small garden or balcony

About Hard tussock

A hardy tussock forming grass with a stiff. erect habit growing up to 40 cm tall and wide. Often found together with the silver tussock (Poa cita). Today most of the tussock lands have been burnt by farmers and planted with exotic grasses for grazing sheep and cattle, or converted to plantation forestry. This tussock works well as a ground cover, or on banks to avoid erosion. Prefers well drained and dry soil.

Sometimes sold by retail plant nurseries, often erroneously as Carex novae-zelandiae.

Provides for lizards

  • Ground cover for retreat
  • Protection from predators
  • Clump forming for camouflage and insects

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