Native plants

Glen Murray tussock

Scientific name: Carex flagellifera

Pioneer Grass or similar - native to the Wellington Region
Suits: dry, partial shade, sunny, shelter, exposure, coastal forest garden, coastal and dune garden, small garden or balcony

About Glen Murray tussock

This attractive and hardy evergreen tussock, forms a clump of narrowly linear, reddish-brown leaves, with light brown flower spikes on stems up to a 1metre in late summer. It does best in a free draining soil under scrub or open canopy. There are several colour formations which range from shiny green to bronze with brownish shades. The flowering stems are 35-75 cm when first produced, but as the seeds mature they elongate to spectacular 2 m fruiting culms, specially if plants are grown along the top of a wall or a step bank. Especially effective as an edging in an open situation, in the rock garden, under-plant existing vegetation or even in containers. Old leaves provides excellent cover for skinks and bugs.

Provides for lizards

  • Ground cover for retreat
  • Clump forming for camouflage and insects

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