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Giant umbrella sedge

Scientific name: Cyperus ustulatus
Maori name: Upoko-tangata
Other names: Coastal cutty grass, cyperus

Pioneer Grass or similar - native to the Wellington Region
Suits: damp, sunny, exposure, coastal and dune garden, wetlands and water features

About Giant umbrella sedge

This tall attractive wetland species of sedge is tolerant of a wide range of habitats and conditions but  prefers wetlands or moist soil. Usually grows between 60 and 80 cm, but can reach up to 2 meter with seed heads. The lime green leaves are wide, shiny and folded. It produces long, dark brown seed heads after flowering in summer. The seed heads are held by a cluster of leaves at the top of the plant.

Easily grown from fresh seeds, and freely self sows in gardens. A quite attractive plant now prove popular in cultivation. However it should be planted with caution, the leaf, keel and culm margins are very sharp and can cause very deep cuts.

It is used for wetland revegetation and environmental plantings.

Provides for lizards

  • Protection from predators
  • Ground cover for retreat
  • Clump forming for camouflage and insects

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