Native plants

Coprosma crassifolia

Scientific name: Coprosma crassifolia
English name: Thick leaved coprosma

Pioneer Shrub - native to the Wellington Region
Suits: dry, partial shade, sunny, shelter, exposure, coastal forest garden, coastal and dune garden, small garden or balcony

About Coprosma crassifolia

An excellent coastal plant providing a tough shelter and great for dry, rocky and expsoed locations. Providing good food for native birds and lizards, as well as ground cover for these. A dense shrub with wide-angled, rigid, reddish branches covered in small round, glossy, dark green leaves. Bark on older branches and trunks smooth but often ridged and sculptured. Can grow up to 4 metre tall and 2 metre wide. More sparsley branched in partial shade than in full sun. The fruit is transparent and yellowish or white, with one large seed.

Provides for birds

  Nectar Fruit Seeds
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Provides for lizards

  • Complexity and height
  • Ground cover for retreat
  • Clump forming for camouflage and insects
  • Fruit
  • Protection from predators

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