Signs for Weta hotels
Weta signs

Weta Hotel and signs and have a nice summer :D

i 7th January, 2017

Kia Ora Its a great summer! Wet enough for our planted plants and the bush, but enough sunny days to provide warmth and nice clear days. While we have been fairly laid back over the holidays, the bush have been busy. Full of bird chicks, setting fruit and of course weeds and pests always on the move. The little kereru squab, fledged on Dec 13. The pair have been seen on several occasions around the bushy parts of the peninsula,…

Joakim Liman

Te Motu Kairangi´s exciting discovery; Nesting kererū !

i 17th October, 2016

For the second year now we have found a kererū sitting on nest! Last years nest in December seemed to been abandoned after a few weeks, however the nest was at a quite exposed location at the top of a spindly tree. One bird was then seen 3 weeks later in Centennial Park collecting sticks, and its not unsual for the species to re nest if the first nest attempt fails. Only recently have they returned to the peninsula and…

 Kererū eating Nikau palm fruit
Kererū eating Nikau palm fruit

Begun The Great Kereru Count 2016 has!

i 18th September, 2016

The Great Kererū Count is New Zealands largest citizen science project to help gather info on the abundance and distribution of the New Zealand fruit Pigeon — also known as kererū, kūkū or kūkupa. The Great Kererū Count will take place over 10 full days from 16 to 25 September 2016. Your observations will help build up a clearer picture of where the birds live on the peninsula and the rest of the country and how many there are. It is a forest…