Missing plants

i 7th August, 2016

It was slight too dark to take a picture, but while walking bym checking out some of our work, we could tell that someone had removed some of our planted Melicytus obovatus by Tai Paku Paku road. A locally rare and endangered shrub endemic to Cook strait only. Why is a godo question? Afraid or losing any potential view? Not very likley as this is a small shrub, it was also growing on the other side of a fence and a step hill. A shame with all the hard work done by our awesome local volunteers. Will replace them as soon as.

The notable Melicytus obovatus is an endemic evergreen plant to Wellington and Cook strait regarded as; At Risk - Naturally Uncommon. A small shrub up to 1, 5 metre with dark glossy green leaves about 5cm long with networks of veins more visible on the paler underside. Edges can be either smooth or wavy, but does also vary depending on location and age of plant.

The bell shaped hanging flowers are small and yellow, but fragrant. The fruit that follows are white blotched with purple or blueblack and often having the white on the underside of the fruit. possibly an adaption to attract geckos and skinks..

Superior native alternative to many exotics M obovatus easily responds to trimming and can attain both required height and forms.. Its tolerant of a wide range of conditions, including coastal exposed gardens.

Totally a plant worth having in a dry, sunny exposed garden!